Boot Camp LabCircular Economy

Launch 2020

The Program

The Boot Camp Lab consists of four two-day workshops in a four month period and a final one-day conference shortly thereafter. If required by the programme of a workshop, participants may be asked to convene in the evening before the first day. The workshop ends with an (early) dinner to review the assignments for the next workshop. In order to minimize impact on an otherwise busy agenda workshops will be scheduled on Thursday and Friday. Each workshop will comprise six periods of approximately three hours each. Total “classroom” time will come to approximately 70 to 75 hours

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Boot Camp LabCircular Economy

Topics in workshop 1

  • Historical/philosophical perspective large transformations

  • The world is VUCA

  • Boost in sustainability, circularity and systems thinking

  • Analysing force field of values chain and circular ambition

  • Analysing New Value in a circular chain

  • First plan for change

Topics in workshop 2

  • Elements of change for enlarging circularity: design, business model, supply chain and supporting technology

  • Deep dive with experts from own organisation and outside of own organisations

Topics in workshop 3

  • Circular leadership

  • Community of change makers

  • Sustainable agreements

  • Stories make communities; essential in the transition to a circular economy

Topics in workshop 3

  • Continuous improvement of the circular performance of the value chain and emerging of new value

  • CEO buy-in

  • Presentation & film for the conference

  • Preparations for the conference

Price for entire program € 9.000 (excl. VAT)

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After the Boot Camp Lab participants:

  • Realise that they face a historical task, a challenge that is truly unique in human history.

  • Recognise that this task requires them to abandon old paradigms and search for new ones.

  • Be ready for leadership roles in the transformation to circularity, both individually and collectively

In addition participants should have:

  • Discovered new insights, skills and tools for value chain creation and optimization that are directly relevant for their organizations.

  • Become part of a community of change makers who can and will support each other in the journey towards the circular economy.

  • Developed the mindset and skills to mobilize other people to join them in making their organization part of the circular economy

Upon completion of the Boot Camp Lab, participants can deepen their knowledge and understanding on their personal- and professional transformation towards a circular economy by attending Advanced Labs, as organised by ACE. These labs are tailor made according to the developments during the Boot Camp Lab with regards to a specific sector (e.g. construction), a certain theme (e.g. finance) or a particular methodology (e.g. design thinking).