A Most Urgent Challenge

The Boot Camp Lab Circular Economy has a single raison d’être: to offer a coherent set of insights, skills and tools to act as drivers towards the transformation to the circular economy. Its aim is to equip and empower a new generation of leaders with the mindset, knowledge, skills and commitment needed to act as entrepreneurial change makers in that transformation.


The Academy for Global Challenges (AGC) proudly presents the Boot Camp Lab Circular Economy, a unique and inspiring business development program to empower a new generation of leaders to help achieving the transformation to a circular economy.

The program is based on five guiding principles:

Achieving the circular economy is part of the journey towards a new world. Perhaps the single most important notion underlying the Boot Camp Lab is that the world has become “VUCA” – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. A world in which the ‘disconnects’ of Otto Scharmer are widening and deepening and in which hierarchy as a dominant mechanism of control and governance is no longer effective. The old world is dying – a new world wants to be born.

Achieving the circular economy requires a fundamental change in our mindset. The transformation to the circular economy is not a matter of making things a bit greener or of adopting a slightly modified “business as usual” model. Traditional concepts, skills and tools will not suffice, new ways of thinking are needed. All this is not available off the shelf. Hence the “Lab” in Boot Camp Lab: a place to explore and discover new insights, skills and tools. Together and connected with other people.

Achieving the circular economy requires long-term commitment, personally and organizationally. The transformation to the circular economy is not a hype or a quick fix. It requires a sustainable business development trajectory: business development not for short-term profit, but for a long-term balance between planet, people and profit. This requires leadership and the courage to think and act beyond the comfort zone of people and organizations.

Achieving the circular economy requires new forms of cooperation and connectivity. Building the circular economy requires the creation of new value chains at all levels, globally, regionally, nationally and locally. The ability to create such networks and optimize their performance will be an essential skill of a new generation of circular entrepreneurs and organizations. The circular economy is a network economy and creating value chains is the only way to prosper in that economy.

Achieving the circular economy does not follow a predetermined roadmap, but requires agility and a sense of adventure. There is no blueprint for the transformation to the circular economy. In a VUCA world leaders will venture ahead, knowing what they seek, but deciding on the next step in the light of the outcomes of the last step. With each step new opportunities, new challenges, new value and new partnerships emerge and need to be assessed

Similar yet different

The AGC bootcamp lab is different from other initiatives because it:

  • Creates a setting where all parties of the value chain jointly work on shared goals

  • Goes beyond pilots; making a sustainable and long term impact is key

  • Enables participants to pave the road to the desired future

  • Facilitates a dialogue where there is room for both individual as well as common interests

  • Enables participants on all levels to connect with all corresponding levels in the value chain

  • Distinguishes leadership from power in the value chain

  • Dis-covers and addresses risks in the value chain

  • Is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Who should join?


  • Are a manager at intermediate level or senior level

  • Are responsible – and wish to be responsible – for leading your organization in the transformation to the circular economy

  • Work in an organization that perceives this transformation as a unique, but challenging business development trajectory

  • Wre seeking to acquire the insights, skills and tools to contribute personally and actively to set your organization on the road towards the circular economy, be it in the private sector, in government, or in civil society organizations.

Do you recognise the above? Then the Bootcamp Lab Circular Economy is what you are looking for!

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About AGC

The Academy for Global Challenges is a network organization that aims to educate and empower individuals who seek knowledge, commitment and action to address the challenges presented by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations. The transformation to the circular economy is an essential element, if not a conditio sine qua non, of the UN Sustainable Development Goals